Stainless steel coil

stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel coil

In the modern industrial field, stainless steel industrial pipes have been paid attention to for their excellent performance and wide application.

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stainless steel coil
stainless steel coil
stainless steel coil

Stainless steel coil

Product characteristics:
Brand: Stainless steel coil
Material: 304/304L, 316/316L, 321, etc
Thickness: 0.6-2.0MM
Length: It can be made of fixed size and double size, and the length can reach more than 2000 meters
Size: 10,12,14,16,17,19,20,22,24,25,29,31.8
Tolerance: Outer diameter :±0.1MM Thickness :±10% Length :+5MM
Stainless steel coil information
Production process: on-line bright solution annealing treatment, on-line eddy current inspection
Detection technology: underwater airtight test for 0.5 hours and pressure holding test for 3-10 hours, and complete inspection
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Product details

Product types and characteristics

In the modern industrial field, stainless steel industrial pipes have been paid attention to for their excellent performance and wide application. Our range of stainless steel industrial tubes includes ultra-long coils, U-tubes, pressure tubes, heat exchange tubes, fluid tubes and spiral coils. These products have a number of notable characteristics, such as the ability to withstand high-temperature steam, resistance to impact corrosion and ammonia corrosion. In addition, they are resistant to scaling, are not easily contaminated with dirt, and are resistant to oxidative corrosion.

These stainless steel industrial pipes have a long service life, which helps to reduce the time of maintenance, thereby saving the associated costs. In terms of installation process, they have good performance and can be directly replaced by pipes, ensuring the safety and reliability of use. It is worth mentioning that the wall of these pipes is uniform, and the wall thickness is only 50-70% of that of traditional copper pipes, but the overall thermal conductivity is better than that of copper pipes. Therefore, they are the ideal heat exchange product choice when retrofitting old units and manufacturing new equipment. In petrochemical, electric power, nuclear industry, medicine, food and other industries, these stainless steel industrial pipes can be widely used.

Product use

Industrial stainless steel coil: suitable for heat exchanger, boiler, petroleum, chemical, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, nuclear power and other industries. In these areas, stainless steel coils, as a key component, play a role in heat exchange and pressure.

Stainless steel coils for fluids: widely used in beverage, beer, milk production, water supply systems and medical equipment and other fields. In these applications, stainless steel coils are used to transport and handle various fluids, ensuring purity and safety of the product.

Stainless steel coil for mechanical structure: In the fields of printing and dyeing, printing, textile machinery, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, automotive and Marine parts, as well as construction and decoration, stainless steel coil as a part of the mechanical structure, providing support and connection functions.

Stainless steel bright coil: This special coil is made by reducing the wall thickness of the stainless steel strip after welding. The process of wall reduction not only makes the wall thickness uniform and smooth, but also forms the effect of no weld by stretching the tube wall. When viewed with the naked eye, they look like seamless tubes, but are actually welded tubes. In the process of wall reduction, accompanied by bright annealing treatment, the inner and outer walls will not form an oxide layer, maintaining the brightness and beauty of the inner and outer surfaces, which is a necessary characteristic of medical products. The next step is sizing, that is, the outside diameter is determined by the large and small process, and the outside diameter tolerance can usually reach an accuracy of plus or minus 0.01mm.

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